3 Tips on Creating Better Photos Using Your Phone

So, you don’t have a DSLR camera? Or you don’t have any digital camera? You do however have a phone. Most phones today have a camera, especially smartphones. Let’s not get into Android vs iPhone. I have personally used both at one time or another and each one’s newer model has a better camera. Not to mention all the different apps with fun and flattering filters (try saying that 10 times fast). As of right now, I am currently using the iPhone 7. So that is the phone’s camera I will be talking about. You, however, should be able to use these tips with whatever phone you currently have.


Tip #1: Lighting

Most phones have an automatic flash available for taking photos in the dark, or extremely low light situations. If you must use a flash, use it, but if you are able to take the photo in a well-lit or natural lit (which I prefer to do); (in my opinion) your photo will come out best. To read more on the benefits of natural lighting vs flash photography read Natural Versus Artificial Light: Which Do You Prefer Working With? by Suzi Pratt. She has some really great points for both.


Tip #2: Background

Just like professional photographer must do; check your background. You wouldn’t want there to be a trashcan full of trash or anything else similar in the background. However, there are editing apps that do a great job, but it will save you time to make sure before you take the shot.


Tip #3: Rule of Thirds

Anyone can quickly snap a picture, but to create a more professional look (that is also easier on the eyes) use the Rule of Thirds. Most phone’s cameras now have an option in the settings to turn on Grid. The Grid will help you with the Rule of Thirds. I feel it is best explained in Rule of Thirds by Darren Rowse.


I am sure there are thousands more tips I could go over, but those three I feel are the most important. I snap regular photos on my phone daily, but I still prefer the manual mode on my DSLR.



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