Finding Balance: Mom/Wife/Photographer

Note: First I would like to apologize for not posting two weeks ago. I had a planned post, but the Holiday (Happy Belated Independence Day!) snuck up on me! So here I am now. I know this one is late, but I promise I haven’t abandoned my readers!

So for this post, I decided to talk about a subject that I personally have trouble with; Balance. I have a very busy life. On top of owning my own business; I am also a stay at home mom and we now have two pups (Apollo and Blue).

My kids are constantly keeping my on my toes and the pups will as well. I have cleaning, cooking and feeding for all of them and I have to make sure I remember to work in work as well. I also am a Christian. I go to church and read my Bible. 20134529_10100206076529909_1662600770_n

So how do I find balance? I am still working on that. I will say that I use my Passion Planner (which is awesome! use referral email : if you decide to order one of your own) to keep track of my daily/monthly and yearly life. I have found that it helps me organize. We are also packing to move!

Boxes are everywhere! I still have so much to pack, but I also have to get rid of things we don’t need. Finding balance isn’t easy, but it is very necessary. I have quite a few things to add to my list, but those things aren’t as important as what I already have right now. Whatever you do, just know you are not the only one trying to find your balance. If you have any tips on helping me find mine, comment below. Follow me on Facebook , Instagram, or Twitter. I have to go now, balance calls. 😉



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