A Passion For It

No matter the job, it is important to have a passion for what you do. I can remember my grandmother always telling me, “I always wanted to be a big fat momma, with a bunch of kids”; then she would smile and add, “That is what I am”. I never understood why she would put it that way. I couldn’t understand that she had known her whole life what she wanted to be. Some would say that there is no way a woman would only want that. I say if that is your passion, then do it. I had the want for being a mother all my life too, but I also have had another passion.IMG_2451

I am utterly in love with Photography. I may not always know the proper terms or how to everything there is with it, but neither does a mom. I learn every day. I try new things and keep what works. Just like every child is different, every session is a new experience. People don’t understand all the work that goes into creating one photograph; paying attention to one with special care and doing so for every one that you take.IMG_2454

There may be a few that look the same to a majority of people, but I find that special specific detail that will make it surpass the rest. Once I finish, I have this rush of emotions. I am happy. I am sad. I feel tired. I feel energized. Then I start over and do it all again. It’s the entire process that excites and ignites my passion for it. When I am completely finished with a session’s photographs, I can not wait to do another session.IMG_2466

Not everyone will have a passion for photography or even becoming a parent. No matter your passion, don’t give up on it. You have to work for it. Nothing in this life will come easy and there will always be obstacles for you to overcome. I get down, but then I look at something as simple as a sunset. My passion ignites. I have to fuel that fire.IMG_2519

Don’t give up on your passion. Work hard to achieve your goals. Enjoy what you do. Love.



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