Business behind the Business

I am late today, I have been a bit busy on the household front. Anyways, Let’s get down to business. That is; Business behind the business.

Any person who has their own business can tell you that there are tons of behind the scenes to make and keep a business up and running. For some businesses the price of the items are set (ex. Jamberry, Mary Kay and Avon) ; just to name a few. Unlike those businesses, working in the field of “art” or “crafts”. You have to come up with the prices yourself.

That is where hours of research come into play. You don’t want to sell yourself short and you don’t want to charge too much. So how do you find a balance? For me I checked out local photographers in my area and surrounding areas. I figured things from how much time do I spend behind the scenes making the photographs just perfect; plus the time it takes to be on location and the session time. I don’t have a specific mathematical equation to come up with my prices, but I do what I can to make them as affordable as possible.


Above is a current list of the sessions I offer and the prices. I have included the amount of images I provide to my client after the session. I also currently and will most likely continue to give special holiday prices and monthly discounts. I feel that clients deserve gifts, just for selecting me to be their photographer.

I continuously expanding my capabilities. I am willing to even create a customized session if the client is in need of something not on my list at the moment. Now that goes into some of the business behind the business. Another is special promotions and even contests. I have created my first ever session giveaway. Which I am promoting on Facebook.


Anyone can participate, but I only do sessions one hour and 30 minutes in any direction from my house. I steadily working to reach more people. I live in a small town and normally, I wouldn’t pursue a business I have to build from the bottom up. I just am so passionate about the photographs and my clients.

That is a little info of the business behind the business. Check out my facebook page today. Call me and set up your session.



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  1. This is a great inspirational blog for anyone trying to get a business going. Good luck and will refer as your pictures look beautiful.


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