How to beat the Rainy Day Blues: As A Photographer

My Apologies for not having a post last week. I had several setbacks and so I am returning this week to give you more insight into my world. 


Rain can be a beautiful thing. It can bring about new life, but for a photographer; it can completely shut down a session. I live in a part of the country that rain is inevitable. The subtropical climates are perfect playground for rain. There are special additions for cameras to be able to take outstanding photographs, but they are not at my liberty for the time being. So it got me thinking about how most would just cancel or reschedule a session for a better day, or pray and watch the weather to try to get in a few good shots.

Rain doesn’t have to ruin your day. Find a dry place to shoot from. A place you can keep your equipment in good working order and the rest is art. There will be places that don’t exactly inspire. Like these two images below:

Mud and water are not the most eye-catching. I personally still see potential. So with the bad, a seed of inspiration is planted. The next three images are where ordinary, not so beautiful objects met the rain and created an harmoniously beautiful scene.

To capture a falling drop of water is a thrill and I find peace and beauty in it. I may not be the best writer, but I know I will continue to mature a grow in my photography. The reason I know this, is that I will continue to push myself to find that one special moment when even a tiny splash of water can be captured. It can grow that seed of inspiration. It will allow me to use the freedoms I have to nurture that growth and turn something that may be ordinary. Into somethings extraordinary.

So you ask how this is a How To article? I don’t have steps for this journey, but hopefully it has helped you plant a seed within yourself and inspired you to reach for your own greatness.




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