A Time to Create

I started this blog to help gain insight into my world of photography. Photography for me is a way to create lasting memories or as I like to say “timeless occasions”. It has been said that a single photograph can be defined in 1,000 words (or more). I have to agree. The photograph below has two sisters; the one on the left doesn’t look like she was happy to be there. Maybe she is just a serious person, or she may have just not wanted her picture taken in that moment. No matter what the reason for her face not having a smile, she created a lasting memory for her family. Her parents said that is her to a T. IMG_1707-Edit


I love capturing the moment and seeing the beauty in the average. Like this photograph; a young girl Easter Egg hunting. She has a look of such fascination and determination. She wants those eggs in her basket. You will actually see more of her, because that is my youngest child. This was her first Easter being able to hunt the eggs and she had a blast.170416_21_IMG_1599

So I guess I need to now introduce myself. I am Allison Sanders, a wife and mother of 3. I am also a Photographer. Photography has been a passion of mine since the days of my youth. When I am at a session; I do all that I can to make my clients feel at ease. I want more for my clients than a simple pose and snap picture. I want them to be able to look back on those memories; smile and remember the little moments. The way the breeze cooled them from the hot sun. The joy of capturing an age of their children when everything was magical.

I have a current Mother’s Day Session running:17884242_1271621189612659_948144699150399338_n

This includes up to 20 professional images from the session digitally delivered to you. I do not charge my clients for their images, I will verbally give (and if need written) the right to print your portraits where you would like.

Book a Session Today! 


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